The Top Waterfalls on Koh Chang

Which waterfall will you visit on Koh Chang?

Apart from beaches, Koh Chang’s mountainous landscape of fertile rainforests and steep terrain create some scenic waterfalls. The following are frequently visited by tourists and locals.

At Klong Plu and Than Mayom waterfalls, there is a National Park entrance fee of 200 Baht for adults and 100 Baht for children over 3 years old.

Klong Plu

Where: Close to Klong Prao (3 km south) and Kai Bae beaches.

Description: The fall plunges down a narrow drop-off into a pool, where you can go for a refreshing swim.

Trail: Walk along a well-marked footpath for only 20 minutes or about 400 metres. Walking to the second and third levels will need the assistance of park officials or guides, as the path is slippery and difficult to reach.

Why Go There: This waterfall is the most accessible among them all since it is the nearest if you are on one of the island’s beaches. Moreover, it is also the most popular among tourists and Thai people.

Than Mayom

Where: Located next to Than Mayom pier with its entrance just behind the headquarters of the Marine National Park.

Description: A series of three falls along the stream of Klong Mayom. The second waterfall is about 500 metres  east and the third is 3 km from the first.

Trail: A well-marked pathway leads to a 45-minute climb to the first set of falls.

Why Go There: There are good views from the top and you’ll find two stones with inscriptions bearing the initials of King Rama V, King Rama VI and King Rama VII. You can camp at the area by bringing your own tents or renting from the park office at 200-500 Baht depending on the size. Sunrise is one of the attractions for early risers. Swimming is also allowed. Restrooms and food stalls are available.

Klong Nonsi

Where: Located on the northernmost of Koh Chang. It is about 4 km from the headquarters of the marine park at Than Mayom. A 1-hour, 3-km path from Ban Dan Mai near Koh Chang police station leads to this waterfall.

Description: A small-sized waterfall with several cascades.


Where: Located 2 km from the southern fishing village of Salakphet

Description: Although medium- sized, Kiripet has multiple levels. During dry season, it is possible to climb up to the seventh level of Kiripet. Swimming is possible but it is advisable to check the water currents, especially during the rainy season. During this time, it’s also very wet and slippery.

Trail: If driving, you can park your car in the rubber plantation within the waterfall vicinity and take a 15-minute walk. Hikers should wear climbing shoes and use great caution when climbing up the rocks. Rangers from nearby Salakphet Forestry Office can lend a helping hand if you request it.

Klong Nueng

Where: Not far from Kiripet.

Description: The tallest waterfall on Koh Chang.

Trail: The hike takes 1 hour and you’ll need to climb over a huge boulder to reach the waterfall.

Why Go There: It’s a challenge to get there but definitely rewarding for the effort. The chest-deep pond is suitable for a cool dip after a 1-hour hike.