Resorts on White Sand Beach

White Sands Beach
Koh Chang – Thailand

one of Koh Chang’s best known beaches, Haad Sai Khao lives up to its name of White Sands Beach. The most popular and consequently the most densely touristed, the beach front is packed with concrete bungalows and upmarket resorts. At night the beach lights up with seafood barbecue restaurants on the sand and some funky beach bars.

White Sands Beach – Koh Chang

The main street that runs behind it, under the shadow of tree covered mountains, is likewise packed with restaurants, resorts, shops and tour agencies. If you’re looking for a quiet secluded beach or budget accommodation this is not the spot, but of all the beaches on Koh Chang, Haad Sai Khao certainly has the most to offer in terms of variety and available amenities. It’s hard to believe that just a few short decades ago there only a few places to stay, a dirt road and little to do in White Sands.

There are a few quieter options at the northern end of the beach, based around and to the north of the small rocky outcrop where the last bastions of budget in the area are clinging on. It’s old school, but decidedly pleasant. As development has driven prices up, the majority of the party crowd have upped and left for Lonely Beach; these places meanwhile are for the more laid back crowd who are on a shoestring…

Location – White Sand Beach – Koh Chang @ Thailand

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Koh Chang List – White Sands Beach

01. Koh Chang Lagoon Resort 02. White Sand Beach Resort Koh Chang 03. Star Beach Bungalows Koh Chang
04. Koh Chang Kacha Resort & Spa 05. Grand View Group Resort Koh Chang 06. 15 Palms Beach Resort Koh Chang
07. Siam Royal View Koh Chang 08. Giant Bungalows Koh Chang 09. Para Resort Koh Chang
10. Mac Resort & Hotel Koh Chang 11. Haad Ngern Resort Koh Chang 12. Arunee Resort Koh Chang
13. Paddy Palms Resort & Iris Pub Koh Chang 14. Chang Cliff Resort Koh Chang 15. May La Mean Bungalows Koh Chang
16. Changburi Resort & Spa Koh Chang 17. Torh Palace Resort Koh Chang 18. Chang Bar Koh Chang
19. Buffalo Bill Steak House Koh Chang 20. Sea Sun Bungalows Koh Chang 21. Baan Nu Na Koh Chang
22. Alina Resort Koh Chang 23. Island Lodge Koh Chang 24. Sairung Bungalows Koh Chang
25. Top Resort Koh Chang 26. Phupha Resort Koh Chang 27. Yakah Bungalows Koh Chang
28. KC Grande Resort & Spa Koh Chang 29. Sabay Bar Bungalows Koh Chang 30. Independent Bo Koh Chang
31. Cookies Hotel & Restaurant Koh Chang 32. Bamboo Bungalows Koh Chang 33. The Fisherman Hill Resort Koh Chang
34. Banthai Resort Koh Chang 35. Logan’s Place Koh Chang 36. Sang Arun Bungalows Koh Chang
37. Plaloma Cliff Resort Koh Chang 38. Rock Sand Resort Koh Chang 39. Banana Koh Chang
40. The Isleep Resort Koh Chang 41. Paradise Palms Resort Koh Chang 42. Jinda Resort Koh Chang
43. Saikhao Inn Koh Chang 44. Sirin Guesthouse Koh Chang 45. Koh Chang Ploy Talay
46. Koh Chang Budget Room 47. Baan San Sabay Resort Koh Chang 48. Baan Pu Resort Koh Chang
49. Koh Chang Lagoon Resort 50. Anuchaba Resort Koh Chang 51. Tranquility Bay Residence Koh Chang
52. Pattama’s Restaurant & Apartment Koh Chang 53. Apple Bungalows Koh Chang 54. Keereeta Resort Koh Chang
55. Keeree Ele’ Hotel Koh Chang 56. 57.