Koh Chang nightlife


Where to party on Koh Chang?

Koh Chang is not really known as a party island but also here everyone can make the night to day … if you feel like it!

Koh Chang has everything revelers are looking for, from cozy cocktail bars, good live music with Rasta feeling, lady bars to the techno “club” where you can dance all night.

Parties and nightlife on the island

The nightlife here is limited to the great places of White Sand Beach, Chai Chet, Kai Bae and Lonely Beach.

In addition to the usual bars and clubs, there are also festivals on Koh Chang such as. the big techno festival “Winter Sensation” in Lonely Beach and fixed parties that take place in the high season regularly on certain days.

In general, one can say that in the high season actually something is going on every day, especially on weekends it gets really busy as many Thai tourists from Bangkok and the surrounding area come to the island to celebrate and relax.

Attention: If you want to go out in the evening and maybe drink something you should definitely leave the scooter and fall back on the Texi. The roads here are very dangerous, especially at night accidents happen again and again.

There are taxis taxis all night, they charge a lot more during the night, but at least they are safe and you know that you come home well after a party night.

Party and nightlife at White Sand Beach

The island “metropolis” White Sand Beach certainly offers the most varied nightlife on the island. There are several beach cafes with daily live music, lady bars and the only indoor disco on the island of Koh Chang.

Sabay Bar

The SabayBar is located at the very beginning of Whitesand Beach and has its own beach restaurant and air-conditioned indoor disco / club area in addition to the outdoor stage where daily live bands play.

On the outdoor stage, which is the direction of the beach, the Thai reggae legend “Job2Do” has often played. Usually bands play until about 11 o’clock in the evening and later the party moves inwards with DJ`s and exclusively electronic music

Oodies Place

Opposite the Sabai Bar is the bar / restaurant Odis Place. Here you can probably hear the best live music on the island. The owner Odis and his band are on the island of legend and jamming almost every day. Reggae, Blue and Rock and Roll are all played here.

Rock Bar

In the middle of the White Sand Beach at the back of the road is the Rockbar, this is the name of the program. Almost every day live bands play, especially rock and rock and roll is played here.

Beer Bars – “Little Pattaya”

In the south of White Sand Beach is (as the island is affectionately called) Little Pattaya, about 20 small lady / beer bars. The name “little Pattaya” speaks for itself and need not be explained here.

Nightlife in Chai Chet.

In Chai Chet there are a number of Lady / Beers bars right next to the street, which invite you to play billiards.

JuJu Bar – Sunset session

Between Peal Beach and Chai Chet is directly on the beach the JuJu Bar, great pub with a great atmosphere. Every Thursday and Saturday there are always “Jam live sessions”. Stephan, the owner is a little god on the guitar and also plays a lot in other pubs on the island.

If you like good live music in a nice atmosphere, the JuJu Bar is the place for you

Nightlife in Kai Bae

In Kai Bae, next to White Sand Beach and Lonely Beach is certainly the busiest. There are several restaurants, pubs and pubs along the road in the village

Walking Street:

At the very beginning of Kai Bae is the so-called ” Kai Bae Walking Street ” with some cozy pubs. Especially recommended is the ” Sky Bar ” at the very beginning of the street. In addition to good drinks, you can also eat very delicious in the Sky Bar recently until late in the night.

In the ” Yak Yak ” bar, DJs play again and again in the later hours and you can dance to electronic music.

Fillou Bar

The Fillou Bar is right in the middle of Kai Bae next to the road and is a very well run bar / restaurant. There is live music almost every day, fresh draft beer and daily specials such as a half kilo shrimp for 299 THB. It is worthwhile to look at the Fillou Facebook page to get an overview of the varied program.

Party at Lonely Beach.

Lonely Beach is almost the party center of the island, nowhere else is celebrated as long and as exuberant as there.

Lonely Beach is the backpacker beach on Koh Chang and the crowd is a lot younger than elsewhere. Full / Half / Black Moon parties are also celebrated here and weekly parties are held weekly. Mostly the bars are open until the last people have left, there is no fixed curfew here.

Sky bar.

The Sky Bar is located in Soi 2 and is almost an open air club, here is mainly played EDM and there are always bucket specials.

Ting Tong Bar

The Ting Tong bar is located in the same street as the Himmel Bar, with only techno and minimal playing. There are also international guest DJs.

Wa Tattoo Bar

Who likes psytrance, etc. is just right here, a small pub next to Ting Tong Bar with a powerful music facility.

Siam Hut

Siam Hut is located right on the beach at Lonely Beach, where parties are held every Friday in the main season. Great parties right on the sea with a very good facility and DJ’s, it is only techno and deep house played.

Cancun Bar

The pub is similar to Siam Hut on the beach and also hosts weekly boisterous parties. The music is mixed.

Live music in Lonely Beach

There are some pubs in Lonely Beach where in the evening casual live music is played, there is almost always a bar in the evening where a band plays. Away from the larger bars / clubs, there are some nice locations in the village where you can drink a cocktail or a beer. A visit to Lonely Beach definitely pays off.