Resorts on Kai Bae beach

Koh Chang’s Kai Bae Beach has become one of the better areas on the island for those wanting a bit of excitement, nightlife, restaurant options and easy access to tourist services. While not as busy and developed as Haad Sai Khao (White Sands Beach), Kai Bae is upgrading fast.

Kai Bae’s beach is decent, with a range of accommodation from budget huts through to upscale resorts, and the main street is busy with bars, restaurants and shops, while the town itself is divided by a low, narrow bridge. On either side are clumps of mostly unnamed bars in small bamboo huts from which ladies and lady boys will beckon you to come in from the street before charging 100Baht or more for a beer.

There’s rarely a footpath, so pedestrians are forced to share the road with the traffic. The town was built on a platform of red clay that turns very muddy after rain and makes getting to the beach a very sticky experience…more

Koh Chang List – Kai Bae Beach

01. Sea View Resort & Spa Koh Chang 09. KB Resort Koh Chang 17. Mam Kai Bae Beach Resort Koh Chang
02. Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort 10. Nang Nuan Beach Resort Koh Chang 18. Casa Marina Guesthouse Koh Chang
03. The Chill Resort & Spa Koh Chang 11. Kai Bae Garden Resort Koh Chang 19. Garden Resort Koh Chang
04. Gajapuri Resort & Spa Koh Chang 12. Kai Bae Hut Resort Koh Chang 20. La Villa Koh Chang
05. Coral Resort Koh Chang 13. Kai Bae Beach Bungalows Koh Chang 21. Baan Bo Koh Chang
06. Sea Breeze Bungalows Koh Chang 14. Mai Pen Rai Guesthouse Koh Chang 22. Siam Bay Resort Koh Chang
07. Chang Park Resort Koh Chang 15. Laluna Guesthouse Koh Chang 23.
08. Kai Bae Beach Grand Villa Koh Chang 16. Porn’s Bungalows Koh Chang 24.