Best Luxury Resorts on Koh Chang

The Best Luxury Resorts on Koh Chang

You can often get luxury accommodation in Thailand for less than in Europe. Anyone who wants to treat themselves to a break with all the trimmings will certainly find something here on Koh Chang.
On Koh Chang there are some really nice luxury hotels that you get especially at low season, so from April to October often at bargain prices.
But also for those who just want to treat themselves to a holiday in a luxury hotel or resort are here at the right address. Here you will find the top luxury accommodation on the Elephant Island

Luxury resorts and accommodations on Koh Chang

As on almost every holiday island in Thailand, Koh Chang also offers luxury resorts. If the credit card allows it and you want to let it go exceptionally well, there is the possibility to stay in a high class hotel.

From the included breakfast buffet to endless pool landscapes to spa and massage offerings, the high class resorts fulfill all the desires that one could dream of in a tropical paradise like Koh Chang.

AWA Resort

The AWA Resort is located in Kae Bae , right on a beautiful beach. If you are looking for luxury rooms in the western standard, rich breakfast and all-round service, this is the place for you.

There are also different price ranges of the rooms from the Deluxe Beachfront Suite to simpler rooms at the back or at the pool here everything is offered.

In addition, the hotel has its own spa area, which can be visited for a surcharge. Around the resort are countless shops, shops and restaurants, so you get to know the Thai life a little.

However, if you want to stay here, you have to dig deep into your pocket, especially in the high season the rooms and suits are very expensive.

Gajapuri Resort

For those who prefer a smaller, more luxurious bungalow complex and do not want a large hotel complex, the Gajapuri resort with its luxurious teak bungalows is the better choice.

The Gajapuri Resort is located directly on the Kai Bae Beach , which means many of the bungalows have a great view of the sea and the beach.

There are private villa suites with private pool, deluxe sea view bungalows , but also bungalows for the whole family , all of them are teak wood and have their own charm.

However, you have to expect here, especially in the high season with usurious prices, but if you want to indulge in something idyllic here is definitely at the right address.

The Dewa Resort

The hotel has a unique architecture and also offers direct access to the beach. The Dewa is in the same ownership as the Awa Resort and therefore has similar charm and is also one of the high-class resorts on the island.

The Dewa is located right on the beautiful Klong Prao Beach and the rooms offer a unique sea view.

There are also several rooms in this hotel, as well as Grande Villas , which offer direct sea views from the bed. Here, who wants to approve this luxury tends to move in the high price level, but you can get hold of very cheap deals, especially in the low season (April-October).

Santhiya Tree Resort

The Santhiya Tree Resort is especially noted for its traditional decor and lovely rooms and bungalows.  Plus a brand new hotel block.

The resort is located to the north of Klong Prao Beach , with its natural surroundings and teakwood bungalows, as well as rooms having a very natural charm.

The Santhiya Tree Resort also has a beautiful restaurant with a great view of the sea, a private dinner on the beach , and many other recreational activities (kayaking, spa, massage, etc.) at the hotel.


Luxury Resorts on the East Coast:

Na Tara Resort Koh Chang

Na Tara Resort is located on the quiet east coast of Koh Chang Island . The east coast is still very underdeveloped and therefore far from the beaten track, there are only a few shops, no supermarkets and only local “restaurants” or Thai street kitchens.

The east coast is therefore perfect for those who just need pure relaxation and tranquility.

For the well-being is provided in the in-house restaurant as well as in the beach bar. But if you are on the East Coast holiday, you should be aware that for activities such as shopping, excursions, and restaurants relies on taxis, however, you can enjoy the peace to the fullest.