Best Beaches on Koh Chang

White Sand Beach This is Koh Chang’s largest and longest and busiest beach. The beach is noted for its beautiful and fine white sand. Here you will find the shops, beach vendors and tourism related businesses. Boat charters, tours and motorcycle rentals can be arranged here. At the back or the beach are orchards of coconut trees and forests. The beach is easily accessible due to many roads passing to it The name suggests scenic beauty of the area.

White Sands Beach. The most popular and consequently the most densely touristed, the beach front is packed with concrete bungalows and upmarket resorts. At night the beach lights up with seafood barbecue restaurants on the sand and some funky beach bars.

The main street that runs behind it, under the shadow of tree covered mountains, is likewise packed with restaurants, resorts, shops and tour agencies. If you’re looking for a quiet secluded beach or budget accommodation this is not the spot, but of all the beaches on Koh Chang, Haad Sai Khao certainly has the most to offer in terms of variety and available amenities. It’s hard to believe that just a few short decades ago there only a few places to stay, a dirt road and little to do in White Sands.

There are a few quieter options at the northern end of the beach, based around and to the north of the small rocky outcrop where the last bastions of budget in the area are clinging on. It’s old school, but decidedly pleasant. As development has driven prices up, the majority of the party crowd have upped and left for Lonely Beach; these places meanwhile are for the more laid back crowd who are on a shoestring…

South of the rocky outcrop, things turn upmarket quickly. In this area the beach fills up every evening with on-the-sand restaurants, usually set up by the nearby resorts. Further south the beach turns rocky, so it’s not great territory for reading a book on your beach towel, but with over two kilometres of sand to the north of you it’s not hard to find a spot. A few of the resorts along the rockier stretch have man made beaches beside the pool.

Heading further south the main road curves upwards and there is a decent cluster of bars and international restaurants at this end of town.

Most of the beach bungalows and resorts also front onto the main road, and here’s where you’ll also find the dive shops, mini-marks, travel services and internet cafes. White Sands also has the biggest range of choice when it comes to banking services and shopping.

White Sand Beach the longest and most popular beach on Koh Chang. It is about 2.5 kilometres long and lined by rocks, over-hanging palms and broad-leaved trees.The southern 1.5 kilometre long area, located at the road, is during the season the busiest part of the entire island. The main road runs pass all the resorts, shops, restaurants, pubs and coconut groves. It is the best place for those who enjoy the white wonderful sand and the association with other travelers: most visitors prefer coming to this beach that makes the beach so colorful.The beach slopes gently into the sea and is very wide during low tide attracting hordes of visitors, especially in the evening, when it transforms into a playground. Regular football and volleyball games are played as the sun sets right off its shore.

Koh Chang – เกาะช้างHaad Khai Mook Set between Whitesands and Klong Phrao, the small and pebble-strewn Haad Kai Mook (also known as Pearl Beach) is best known for the decent snorkelling available just off its shores rather than pristine white sands — of which is has none.

A cheaper alternative to White Sands Beach to the north, accommodation here offers a lot better value for money, but without either the soft white sand nor the local amenities.

If you have your own transport Haad Kai Mook is a great option, but if you’re looking for quality (sandy) beach time or a raging nightlife, try either Kai Bae or Lonely Beach.

Koh Chang – เกาะช้างBang Bao Fishery Village This beach is southwest portion of the island. The beach here lines the beautiful bay. There are a few fishing villages in this area. This is another one of Koh Chang’s pristine locations, is very interesting because residents in the area build up their houses with poles pitched into the sea and the bridge reaching to every house is set up to link the community together.

Bang Bao is the island’s diving mecca and a jumping-off point for other islands in the area. Tourism has all but replaced fishing as the village’s main industry, but it’s still not so busy as the beaches in the north and Bang Bao retains a laid-back, breezy feel to it.

Most of the action is on a long pier stretching out into the same-named bay. The pier is lined with private houses, shops, restaurants and guesthouses — all on stilts; until about half way out. Beyond that the pier has been extended in recent years to allow for larger boats to moor safely.

Once the morning madness has subsided and the dive/snorkel boats have embarked for the day, Bang Bao can make for a pleasant place to unwind — the end of the pier sports a cute light house and stunning views looking back to the island, and the abundance of Sea Eagles diving for sprats in the shallows are a photographer’s dream.

Time and an over-abundance of travellers and day-trippers have resulted in Bang Bao shifting from being a fairly charming little fishing village into a bit of a tourist trap with overpriced seafood restaurants and no shortage of trinket shops. Despite this rising commercialism, Bang Bao remains interesting — at least for a short visit. There is a photogenic collection of colourful fishing boats moored at the end of the pier, both genuine working boats and those for tourists’ pleasure.

A number of restaurants specialise in freshly caught seafood, though watch your wallet as prices can be very high; most places display a menu out front so be sure to have a browse if you are budget conscious. Aside from eating, other activities include fishing, snorkelling and diving boat trips — there’s even a real estate broker here.

To the south-east of the pier area are a few lovely stretches of quiet beach. In front of the gallery at D.Jambe House is a very cute but diminutive beach the locals have recently started calling Haad Sai Noi — there’s a simple bar/eatery here which does good trade but no accommodation. Keep on another km or so and cross a narrow bridge over a lagoon and you’re at another beach, Kohng Gloi.

Klongg Kloi is one of the area’s highlights, and the beach has a few huts where you can get a massage and have a snack underneath the palm trees. The beach looks over neighbouring islands and back to the pier at Bang Bao. The beach is very narrow at high tide, with barely a few metres to walk on. However venture here on one of those days when the tide is low all day and you’ll be in for a treat, particularly if you value seclusion. There’s a small motorbike lay-by for parking on the opposite side of the road from the bridge. Carry on a few km down the road and you’ll eventually come to the sprawling metropolis of the Grand Cabana Resort.

Bang Bao is a small place, and you’ll find just about all the services you could need on the pier.

Internet shops are found on the pier, (1-2B a minute) and a few of the cafes around the square have a computers available. There is also a couple of ATM machines, the easiest to find is the one at the entrance to the pier, where there is also a money changer.

Bang Bao is connected to the rest of Koh Chang by songthaews. They arrive and depart from the base of the pier, in the small town square.

Bang Bao is one of the zones rich with corals. Koh Mun- Nok & Mun Nai is a small isle opposite Kai Bae’s Beach. The Beach around the isle can be seen at low tide. The sea in the area is some what shallow and plenty of gold-colour corals.

Bang Bao Bay is a well protected bay at the southwest end of Koh Chang. The quaint fishing village Baan Bang Bao is built on stakes far out into the bay and has become quite a popular attraction. Many seafood restaurants offer a rich selection of fresh seafood and small shops sell souvenirs or refreshments. Bang Bao Bay has lately become a resort and recreation area with bungalows built on selected scenic sites. The beach at Bang Bao has clear waters with rocks and corals off its shores. A good place to fish, snorkel and swim.

Koh Chang – เกาะช้างSalakphet Bay
With hardly any sandy beaches and a more erratic transport system, the eastern coast of the island is visited by far fewer foreign travellers than the western coast. Most of the places to stay are in the south-east, in the villages of Salakphet, Jek Bae and the newly established Long Beach. The largest village, Salakphet, does not receive so many visitors and so it is less developed and commercialised than Bang Bao. Life for the welcoming locals revolves around fishing, eating and getting away with as little other work as possible. The town is quite spread out over flat terrain, ringed with mountains, and the bay on one side. Perfect for getting about on motorbike.

It is situated on the south of island around Ao Salak Petch (Salak Petch Bay) which is the largest bay on Koh Chang. Salak Phet measures 3 kilometres in length and is between 1.5 and 2.5 kilometres wide. The villagers are mostly fishermen. Ao Salak Petch is an ideal shelter for fishing boats. There are many piers that serve fishing boats as well as boats to neighbouring islands and Laem Ngob. Beautifully, the islands Koh Mapring, Koh Phrao Nai and Koh Phrao Nok are situated in the mountain-surrounded bay. 3 villages, Baan Rong Than, Baan Salak Phet and Baan Chek Bae, find protection in the bay. They are built mostly on stakes into the sea and are inhabited by fishermen, rubber- and coconut-farmers.

Koh Chang – เกาะช้างSalak Khok
Any exploration of the area wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Salak Khok. A pint-sized fishing village that screams authenticity, houses are built along a series of boardwalks that snake around the canals of a mangrove forest. Red and aqua-painted fishing boats line the boardwalks and you stroll around gives the feeling that you’ve really discovered something special and unique. It’s an incredibly pretty, unspoiled area.

A new business in Salak Khok has just started to rent out kayaks that you can use to go exploring in the mangrove forest. It’s 100B for an hour’s paddle or 200B if you want a guide along. The business also has a few traditional Thai row-boats in which you can enjoy a romantic Thai dinner while being rowed around the mangrove forest. It’s like a strange juxtaposition of the Amazon Rainforest meets the canals of Venice. The dinner costs 1,200B. For more details call (01) 9193 995.

Dan Mai
Dan Mai is the largest Thai village on the island and is roughly half-way up the east coast. It’s the home of services such as the BangKohk Koh Chang Hospital, the island’s central police station and national park office. Internet access is limited and there aren’t any ATM’s on this side of the island, so get sorted out before you arrive.

Long Sand Beach is next to Sa Lak Kohk Bay. The area is covered with forest and orchards of coconut trees.

Long Beach isn’t actually all that long, but it’s beautiful and virtually untouched an has recently become a new hippy haven thanks to a relocation of Treehouse from Lonely Beach. Long Beach is a long way from anywhere and Treehouse management hope that will prevent the beach, as many people fear is happening to the western beaches overdevelopment (though this concern doesn’t appear to have stopped them from constructing dozens and dozens and dozens of bungalows themselves).

Some of the best views on Koh Chang can be had on the road that links Long Beach with Salakphet, revealing breathtaking scenes of the bay and its few tenant teardrop islands.

Koh Chang – เกาะช้างLonely Beach
Rising popularity and rapid expansion means that Lonely Beach is lonely no more and traditional bamboo beach huts sit flush with expensive resorts. Like the rest of Koh Chang, Lonely Beach has gone ahead in leaps and bounds in the past few years, but it’s still a chilled-out, laid-back little place with a village atmosphere — by day at least.

By night is a different matter — things get pretty raucous with parties tend to spring up randomly on any given day; so bear this in mind when choosing the location of your accommodation. Some people have started to call this place the Haad Rin of the East, (Haad Rin being the home of the Full Moon Party and related hedonism). With the ever more frequent party scene developing fast, the emergence of some very funky parties as well as the newly opened Vitamin Club, it certainly looks to be following in Haad Rin’s footsteps. Light sleepers beware!

A collection of shops along the main road are set in a scenic spot between the steep, jungle-decked hills and the mostly rocky coastline. The road veers upwards and away from the beach as you head south through the town, so it’s a downhill walk to go for a swim. Just north of the ever-popular backpacker hangout Treehouse is where the real beach begins, already taken up with several expensive resorts.

From the Treehouse southwards, the coastline is all rocks. It looks quite rugged and beautiful but isn’t really suited for swimming. There are regular fire-shows on the beach where talented locals and a few game tourists tempt their luck by swinging alight balls on the ends of chains, called pois, around their heads.

Lonely Beach is an enclave of simple beach huts, sporadic generator electricity, and limited running water. The best day really depends on the person. You can bask in the sun while intermittently slipping into the beautiful ocean, spend a few hours sea kayaking along the rugged coast, embark on a day in the jungle, or get a taste of how Thai people truly live in one of the small fishing villages populating the area. Lonely Beach provides the opportunity to indulge in every imaginable aqua activity while at the same time being content with a good book.

Koh Chang – เกาะช้างBailan Bay
One of the few truly peaceful hideaways on Koh Chang’s west coast, Bailan Bay is perhaps taking over where Lonely Beach has left off. The rocky bay has less to offer in terms of beach activity, but the chilled out atmosphere and secluded bungalows make for a tranquil and private spot to relax. There’s a small strip of sandy beach at the northern end of the bay, but that’s about all. Low-tide reveals a rocky landscape that extends hundreds of metres from the shore, giving the bay a unique character.

Bailan Bay is mainly for people who want to get away from all the hustle and bustle, and many people stay for a month or more. Things are about to get busier, though, with the massive Dusit resort newly opened at the southern end of the bay and plans for a shopping plaza.

Currently there’s only one small grocery shop and a few independent Thai eateries along the main road. All accommodation options have their own restaurants. Bailan Bay is a short songthaew ride south of Lonely Beach, or about a 15 minute walk.

Koh Chang – เกาะช้างKlong Phrao Beach This beach is south of the Hat Sai Khao beach, and it is not a busy beach. The bay, tropical vegetation and beach-line are very beautiful. There is a nearby fishing village, but not many services. ( Hat Khlong Phrao ) Laem Chaiyachet is the long seaside adjacent to Kai Bae Beach. The beach is rather steep. The northern most of the each which has beautiful landscape but swimming is not recommend.

Klong Phrao, or Coconut Canal, has sprung up in recent years as a centre for major upmarket resorts and health spas. The mostly private expanse of beach is quite narrow, particularly when the tide is in, but is covered with soft white sand.

Klong Phrao is strung out over about five kilometres of beach of varying quality. Though there are plenty of shops around VJ Plaza at the Chai Chet end, there’s no feeling of a centred community here like on White Sands Beach or Kai Bae. The emphasis is on top-end resorts that cater for their guests’ every whim. Much of the northern end of the beach is privately owned.

Despite the proximity to the water, many of the larger resorts have stunning swimming pools and because most of the accommodation is resort style, there are not too many independent restaurants or other shops in the area.

A highlight of a stay in Klong Phrao is a visit to the canal at night to see masses of fireflies dancing around in the twilight. As well as the usual beachside activities, there are a few excellent cooking schools towards the southern end of the beach. Klong Phrao is also the place to access the Khlong Phu waterfall and Chang Chutiman Trekking elephant camp.

Klong Phrao Beach starts where the gently curving Laem Chaichet ends. Coconut trees line the beach, and the northern end has a beautiful rocky landscape. Resort development has grown rapidly, although the beach itself does not get very crowded. Between White Sand Beach and Klong Phrao Beach is the 18-unit Remark Cottage , built with natural materials that mix with its secluded environment. The resort is outstanding for its traditional Thai spa and massage by well-trained staff. The Coconut Beach Resort has a variety of units which include the very simple wooden huts raised from the sandy beach by stilts at the seafront, the fanned bungalows and the air-conditioned bungalows with a refrigerator and a TV. VIP rooms by their new beachside swimming pool were recently open. The upmarket Koh Chang Resort & Spa provides packages for three days and two nights including meals and round-trip transfer from BangKohk. The bungalows have air-con, hot water, and satellite TV. The luxurious Klong Phrao Resort has cottage-styled rooms of different sizes, bungalows around a lagoon, VIP rooms by the pool and beach and a conference room for up to 200 people. Its long and wide beach is ideal for a leisurely walk or athletic activities. There is also a two-storey house that can hold up to 15 people.

Panviman Koh Chang Resort , a very pleasant hideaway, offers unique Asian architecture featuring three-tiered roof of reddish brown tiles. In addition to the swimming pool, there are the Jacuzzi and sauna. The 50-villa resort has been successful in attracting many European travelers, who usually spend a week to three weeks there. Rooms have wooden floors and four-poster beds. Another spa place is now located in the V.J. Hotel & Health Spa . Guests can enjoy the many contemporary comforts the hotel has, including a swimming pool and restaurant on the beach. The 39 boutique-style villas at Barali Beach Resort is nearby as with two other more upscale accommodations on this strip of beach. The Magic Resort on Klong Phrao Beach has bungalows for up to four persons but larger ones sleep up to five. The pride of Magic Resort is its beachfront restaurant built over a bay.

This is another long sandy beach. They are situated south of White Sand Beach. Klong Phrao Beach, growing rapidly into popularity after White Sand Beach. The area is covered with coconut grooves and wild vegetation. At the northernmost part of the beach is the rocky Laem Chaiyachet or Chaiyachet Cape which is an ideal site to watch the magnificent sunset or the sunrise above the southern hills of Bang Bao. Laem Chaiyachet is a favourite on-shore fishing ground. A fishing pier is erected near the cape which is also a great viewpoint for the whole of Klong Phrao Bay. The road runs almost everywhere in suitable distance from the beach and accommodation. Two small islands, Koh Suwan and Koh Rom are located at the southern end of Klong Phrao Beach.
Koh Chang – เกาะช้างKai Bae Beach is close to Klong Phrao Beach. The beach, like that of Klong Phrao, is steep but swimming is safe.

Kai Bae has become one of the better areas on Koh Chang for those wanting a bit of excitement, nightlife, restaurant options and easy access to tourist services. While not as busy and developed as Haad Sai Khao, Kai Bae is upgrading fast.

Kai Bae’s beach is decent, with a range of accommodation from budget huts through to upscale resorts, and the main street is busy with bars, restaurants and shops, while the town itself is divided by a low, narrow bridge. On either side are clumps of mostly unnamed bars in small bamboo huts from which ladies and lady boys will becKohn you to come in from the street before charging 100B or more for a beer.

There’s rarely a footpath, so pedestrians are forced to share the road with the traffic. The town was built on a platform of red clay that turns very muddy after rain and makes getting to the beach a very sticky experience.

During low tide in the morning the water receeds about 50m from the string of bungalows along the shore, revealing a moonscape of moss-covered rocks. This is great if you want to wander out and spot the shallow sea life, but means it’s not such a nice place to swim later on. You have to be careful you don’t cut your feet or fall face-down on the submurged rocks.

From the northern end of the beach it’s possible to walk across to an uninhabited island during low-tide.

Kai Bae Beach (Haad Kai Bae) is situated south of Klong Phrao Beach. It is an almost 2.5 kilometre-long beautiful sand beach, which is partially lined by over-hanging palms and broad-leaved trees. Beaches on the southern coast are also guaranteed of its beauty and tranquility. Like all beaches on the west coast Kai Bae- Beach is flat, but nevertheless all the time suitable for bathing. In the dryer months, at low tide however, one must walk up to 100 metres to the deeper waters. Four islands, Koh Yuak, Koh Pli, Koh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai, are idyllically placed in the bay. At low-tide Koh Man Nai can be reached by foot… (

Koh Chang – เกาะช้างKoh Lao Ya lies at the south of Koh Chang. The group comprises Koh Lao Ya Nai, Koh Lao Ya Klang and Koh Lao Ya Nok. The transportation from Laem Ngob takes about 2 hours and a half. The islands has beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water a cololurful corals, Lao Yo Resort provide accommodation service here.

Koh Wai situated next to Koh Lao Ya is a big island most of Beach which are plenty with stones. The area occupies many bay which has beautiful beach lines and wide wonderful coral zones. Koh Wai is also the best source for fishing. As for accommodations, Koh Wai Pakarung Resort is ready to server tourists.

Koh Chang – เกาะช้างKoh Khlum is a historical island during the Thai-French Naval Battle like Koh Chang. The island is proper for fishing. The landscape comprising stone yard is worth a visit.

Koh Chang – เกาะช้างKoh Phrao is in front of Salakpetch Bay from Laem Ngob, it takes two hours to the island, Koh Phrao has clean and calm seaside, and is cool and shady because it is plenty of coconuts trees.

Koh Chang – เกาะช้างKoh Ngam is situated in the south of Koh Chang. The place comprises of two islands with a huge sand knoll at the middle. The little bay formed by the lines of the mountain stretching into the sea is a splendid and serene site without storms. It takes two hours to go from LaemNgob to the place.


Klong Son Beach

This place is suitable for: Solo Travelers and Couples Looking for: Peace and quiet

With a budget of: Baht 1,356 – Baht 12,744 per room per night

Where you will find: FuramaXclusive Aiyapura, Koh Chang, Koh Chang Grand Orchid Resort and Spa, Siam Royal View

Located just a few minutes away from the ferry pier, Klong Son will be the first village to greet you. In the center of the village is a crossroad where one path leads to the valley which is home to an elephant camp, and the other leads to the sea. The beach is about 1 km from the main road and it is a scenic cape with a stretch of sand and plenty of coconut trees where the sea water is calm. The beach’s charm lies in the seclusion and serenity it can offer.

White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao)

This place is suitable for: Solo Travelers, Couples, and Families

Looking for: Shopping and nightlife

With a budget of: Baht 600 – Baht 13,780 per room per night

Where you will find: Chang Buri Resort and Spa, Cookies Hotel & Restaurant, KC Grande Resort and Spa, Koh Chang Lagoon Resort, Mac Resort Hotel, Plaloma Cliff Resort, White Sand Beach Resort

A long strip of powdery sand that slopes gently into the sea. Casuarinas and palm trees line the beach while forested hills lurk in the background. During low tide, the beachfront becomes much wider and consequently attracts lots of beachgoers. The northern end is sandy and quiet, while the southern end is more pebbled. It is the busiest area of Koh Chang with numerous accommodations, commercial establish- ments and restaurants. The beach is a hub of many activities, such as taking a stroll while watching the sunset and various sports activities. However, the currents can be strong during the green season (May-Oct) so extra caution is advised.

Kai Mook Beach ( Pearl beach )

This place is suitable for: Solo Travelers, Couples, and Families

Looking for: Peace and quiet

With a budget of: Baht 700 – Baht 4,500 per room per night

The small stretch of beach is mainly comprised of pebbled sand with corals on the sea bed that resemble pearls giving the beach its name which means pearl. Much of the commercial establishments in the area are those that will fill the everyday need of the locals such as the Post Office, a print shop and the Telephone Organization of Thailand to name a few. It is a quiet and peaceful place that allows for snorkeling among fishes because of the nearby coral reef. However, please bear in mind that the pebbles on sea bed may be slippery at times.

Laem Chaichet

This place is suitable for: Solo Travelers, Couples, and Families

Looking for: Peace and quiet

With a budget of: Baht 900 – Baht 3,800 per room per night

Where you will find: Coconut Beach Resort, Koh Chang Thai Garden Hill Resort

Laem Chai Chet is sometimes considered by some locals as the Northern part of Klong Prao Beach. The area has a small cape with a rocky curve that rounds into a secluded bay, thus very peaceful. The bay has a wide sandy beach that slopes gently into the sea. An ideal spot for onshore fishing, sunset watching and swimming. The fishing pier at Laem (cape) Chaichet is a perfect viewpoint of the Klong Prao Bay.

Klong Prao Beach

This place is suitable for: Solo Travelers, Couples, and Families

Looking for: Shopping, nightlife, peace and quiet

With a budget of: Baht 799 – Baht 16,270 per room per night

Where you will find: Amari Emerald Cove, Barali Beach Resort Resort and Spa, Magic Resort, V.J. Hotel and Health Spa

The Klong Prao estuary runs in the middle thereby splitting the beach into two. This is a long wide sandy beach lined with coconut trees and home to the popular Klong Plu Waterfall. It commands a spectacular view of the islands west of Koh Chang and the Chaichet cape. The fine, sandy beach is also ideal for children as it doesn’t get too steep and there are not much dangerous currents either. High-end resort developments have grown rapidly, although the beach itself does not get too crowded. Restaurants, spas, massages, clinics, a dentist, convenient stores, tour & dive operators, a bakery, opticians, internet cafes, an airstrip, laundry, a takeaway pizza shop and a host of shops line the main road.

Kai Bae Beach

This place is suitable for: Solo Travelers, Couples and Families

Looking for: Shopping and nightlife

With a budget of: Baht 600 – Baht 26,720 per room per night

Where you will find: The Chill Koh Chang, Garden Resort, Kai Bae Beach Resort, Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort, Siam Bay Resort

Kai Bae Beach is the last major beach on the west coast after Klong Prao. It has a sandy beach with many palm trees providing plenty of shade. It is believed to be where the first tourists to Koh Chang were accommodated in the local families’ houses. Once a sleepy area, Kai Bae has become developed with the emergence of upscale resorts. At Kai Bae Village, you will find small commercial establishments. Dive shops provide rental for gears to explore the sea and islands especially during the dry season (Nov-Apr). At low tide, you can walk in chest-deep water to Koh Man Nai from the beach.

Upmarket and luxury resorts along Kai Bae Beach

Lonely Beach (Tha Nam Beach)

This place is suitable for: Solo Travelers and Couples

Looking for: Shopping and nightlife

With a budget of: Baht 397 – Baht 7,400 per room per night

Where you will find: Nature Beach Resort, Siam Beach Resort, Warapura Resort

Tha Nam Beach is popularly nicknamed as the Lonely Beach. It features fine white sand on the northern end and some stones at the south. Formerly a backpacker’s haven, the once deserted beach derives its name from the total privacy it shares, while the fine white sand and swimmer-friendly waters are key attrac-tions. Few accommodations are available ranging from budget huts to the more deluxe resorts. The cheap huts still remain though and the place is still loud and fun thus making it not as lonely anymore. Small shops, restaurants and bars line the main road which becomes the focal point for guests who love to wine, meet and greet at nightfall. The beach has a so-called �tattoo artists’ row� which is a line of more than half a dozen tattoo shops side by side.

Bailan Beach

This place is suitable for: Solo Travelers and Couples

Looking for: Peace and quiet

With a budget of: Baht 1,162 – Baht 6,709 per room per night

Where you will find: Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway

It is relatively untouched by development although things have started to change over a few years. The road that travails through Bai Lan Beach has seen minimal development and the area has retained the peaceful, nice and easy feeling although there are quite a few bungalow resorts that have sprung up as well. It is a small bay of mostly sandy beach with some expired corals. The forested hill is also the site of Koh Chang’s first adventure park. It is also where the island’s first herbal sauna is found.

Bangbao Beach ( Klong Kloi beach )

This place is suitable for: Solo Travelers and Couples

Looking for: Shopping and nightlife

With a budget of: Baht 399 – Baht 9,265 per room per night

Where you will find: Chivapuri Resort

A well-sheltered bay with a small and quiet beach. It is a fishing community where residents still live in houses built on stilts and are connected by wooden bridges. There are a growing number of tourist shops, scuba dive outlets and seafood restaurants offering a good selection of seafood. New bungalows have sprouted amidst the grove of coconut trees. Located on the southern tip of the island, it is a perfect springboard for snorkeling and diving at nearby islands with dive operators and boats abound. Good seafood restaurants and souvenir shops at the fishing village. Take caution when getting to Bang Bao as the southward road from Bai Lan is steep and winding.

Than Mayom Beach

This place is suitable for: Solo Travelers and Couples

Looking for: Peace and quiet

This beach is situated on the eastern side of the island. It is scattered with rocks and the seafront is muddy. A good spot to catch the sunrise and good viewpoint. The headquarters of Koh Chang Marine National Park is located in nearby area close to Than Mayom Waterfall.

Kong Kang Bay

This place is suitable for: Solo Travelers and Couples

Looking for: Peace and quiet

With a budget of: Baht 2,352 – Baht 11,760 per room per night

Local community on the East coast with a nice sandy beach ready to attract visitors interested in rural lifestyle of agriculture, fishing and orchards of tropical fruits. Known to be the first settlement on Koh Chang, the villagers still maintain their way of life making it another authentic fishing village although there is a luxury resort with a sailing club nearby. There is an abundance of seafood and tropical fruits and one of the finest beaches on the east.

Tour the mangrove forest at salak Khok Bay

Salakkok Bay

This place is suitable for: Solo Travelers and Couples

Looking for: Peace and quiet

With a budget of: Baht 2,352 – Baht 11,760 per room per night

It is a local fishing and agricultural community with a canal leading to the estuary. Fishing boats anchor along the canal flanked by mangrove forests. Fresh seafood from daily catches prepared by the locals who form a self-sustaining organization that runs a restaurant to serve visitors at reasonable prices. Occasionally, firefly tours and kayaking can be arranged with the friendly villagers.

Long Beach

This place is suitable for: Solo Travelers and Couples

Looking for: Peace and quiet

With a budget of: Baht 1,300 – Baht 4,000 per room per night

Salakphet and nearby Ban Rong Than are two biggest communities on Koh Chang. Both are ideal shelters for fishing boats. Rong Than village on the west of the bay is the main residential area for the community. Accessibility is possible from the east coast. At the south end of the bay is a small beach with a memorial commemorating the sea battle of 1941 between the Thai and French navies. A marker on the waters near Salakphet indicates the location where the French and Thai navies fought.