Guide to Koh Chang

Koh Chang or the Elephant Island, is part of the Mu Ko Chang National Park and encompasses an archipelago of 52 islands, of which Koh Chang is the largest island.

More than 70% of its terrain is covered with pristine rainforests , and there are many wild beaches, including the vital trinity of a tropical island – white sand, palm trees, and temperate blue water – where you can escape from your daily life and leave your worries on the continent.

Which coast to choose: East or West?
For your stay you will choose between the exuberant West side, and the nonchalant East coast . Let us moderates a little however our remarks, the West side is the most developed but one will still find very calm places such as the village of Bai Lan or Bangbao .

For repeat revelers, we will head to the villages of White Sand Beach (Hat Sai Khao) and Lonely Beach .

West Coast: from the ferry to Dan Mai

Some good reasons to choose Koh Chang
We come to Koh Chang to relax, swim in the turquoise waters of the white Sands or Klong Prao beaches, or treat ourselves to some adventure thrills as we hike the land with a seasoned guide .

We will appreciate the typical activities of the island such as fishing or elephant rides in an inextricable jungle populated by a rare flora and fauna such asJava mongooses, goats living in trees, and dozens of species of birds.

On the seafront , restaurants, and seaside bars offer kayaks, bodyboards, windsurfing and catamarans to explore the small visible islands of Koh Chang or just for a bit of exercise. Finally, when you have toured all the nearby activities, you can take off and organize a day trip (or for several days) to nearby islands such as Koh Mak and Koh Kood .

The offer of accommodation on the island is as varied as it is complete, with as many 4-star hotels and more than accommodation options for travelers in search of very low prices. For those who are allergic to mass tourism, the villages of Salak Phet and Salak Kok will delight travelers in their quest for a more authentic Thailand that has preserved its local traditions with its charming fishing houses and fruit restaurants. Sea held by locals .. for how long longer?

No one knows, so hurry up!

Koh Chang , in the Gulf of Thailand, a designated National Park, is approximately 300 kilometers south east of BangKohk. To prevent environmental damage the Government of Thailand has ensured that no roads will lead to Koh Chang . The island is connected to the mainland by ferries only.

Koh Chang – เกาะช้างThe largest island in the Koh Chang Marine Park archipelago, Koh Chang was named for the elephant shape of its headland, although elephants are not indigenous to the island. Best visited outside of the monsoon season — which runs from about June to September — the sea is warm and clear, the beaches for the most part white and sandy and the interior is filled with National Park protected forest and craggy, picturesque mountains.

Most of the beaches are on the western coast, and each has built up with a distinctive atmosphere based on shopping, activities, partying or chilling out. Accommodation offers a style to suit every type of traveller, from independent low budget backpackers to those wanting a touch of luxury. There are plenty of activities to be organised from almost anywhere on the island: snorkelling and diving trips to nearby coral reefs, jungle treks and elephant rides, not to mention various beach sports.

With it’s long stretches of sandy beaches and bay, Koh Chang’s west coast has become the focus of the development boom, and that’s where most foreign travellers stay on the island. Beaches such as Haad Sai Khao (White Sands Beach), Khlong Prao and Kai Bae have developed more in the past few years than most of Thailand has in the last few decades. If you want to party, swim, dive or do practically anything else you’ll find somewhere that’s perfect for you.

There are three different and definitive vibes from each of the three main west coast areas; White Sand beach, Kai Bae/Khlong Prao and Lonely/Bailan. White Sands is more modern than the others, reminiscent of Kuta in Bali, or indeed its aspired cousin, Phuket. The Kai Bae and Khlong Prao strip is gorgeous on the eye with its quaint village appearance, plenty of quirky shops and bars — certainly more of a tropical island vibe. Lonely Beach and Bailan Bay continue on the topical island theme, but are far more traveller orientated; less souvenir shops, more bars playing Bob Marley. No Italian restaurants, but an abundance of affordable Thai fare. Ultimately it’s a backpackers heaven.

The east coast is home to major Thai villages but few beaches and so attracts far fewer foreign travellers. This side of the island is popular with Thais from cities such as BangKohk and Chiang Mai, who might never have seen the ocean before and want to join in traditional Thai seaside life.

Sea Eagles, monkeys, epic views and jungle noises are all around, and if you’re lucky you may spot the majestic Great Hornbill, resident of Koh Chang but rarely seen. Koh Chang is somewhere you can let your hair down a little, where perhaps those who hit the road in years gone by can capture the spirit of this wonder that we call travelling, yet enjoy the facilities that they yearn in today’s society… namely air-con, hot water and a comfortable bed, and all found in abundance in White Sand, Khlong Prao and Kai Bae Beaches. At the same time, the old scene still exists at places like Lonely Beach, a reminder of what got the ball rolling in the first place.

A word of warning, the roads on Koh Chang are treacherous. The steep gradient of the hills can be very dangerous, particularly during the rain, and every year there are fatal accidents; during our research through mid 2008, three people died in road accidents in one week — serious statistics. If you’re not an accomplished and experienced driver then this is not the island to start to learn. Cars and minibuses travel at breakneck speeds around the island and coupled with the hundreds of motorbikes whizzing about it becomes quite hazardous. Particularly bad stretches of road lead from the ferries to White Sand Beach, between Kai Bae and Lonely Beach, and the stretch from Bailan Bay to Bang Bao. With numerous hairpin turns up high on the cliff there is no room for mistakes. Taxis are a far better and safer option for getting about for the inexperienced. Also worth bearing in mind is that the clinic charges a 4,000B fee just to walk through the door for accident victims, even if all you need is a light bandage and some antiseptic.

Through the last decade, a wave of travellers, both international and domestic has washed over Koh Chang in ever increasing numbers, and its popularity will only continue to grow towards its government driven target of becoming the ‘next Phuket’. That said, Koh Chang has much more of a tropical island feel than its larger cousin Phuket. Phuket Island is a province in itself, with an intricate network of villages and roadways — Koh Chang didn’t even have a main road ten years ago!


Hotel Listing by beach



Kai Bae Beach  Klong Phrao Beach  White Sand Beach
01. Sea View Resort Koh Chang Book Online  & Laem Chaichet 01. Koh Chang Lagoon Resort Book Online
02. Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort Book Online 01. Aana Resort & Spa Koh Chang Book Online 02. Koh Chang Kacha Resort & Spa Book Online
03. The Chill Resort & Spa Koh Chang Book Online 02. Panvimarn Resort Koh Chang Book Online 03. Siam Royal View Koh Chang
04. Gajapuri Resort & Spa Koh Chang Book Online 03. Koh Chang Thai Garden Hill Resort Book Online 04. Mac Resort & Hotel Koh Chang Book Online
05. Coral Resort Koh Chang Book Online 04. Koh Chang Grand Cabana Resort Book Online 05. Paddy Palms Resort Koh Chang
06. Sea Breeze Koh Chang Book Online 05. Coconut Beach Resort Koh Chang Book Online 06. Chang Buri Resort Koh Chang Book Online
07. Chang Park Resort Koh Chang Book Online 06. Noren Resort Koh Chang Book Online 07. Buffalo Bill Koh Chang Book Online
08. Kai Bae Grand Villa Koh Chang Book Online 07. VJ Residence Resort Koh Chang Book Online 08. Alina Resort Koh Chang Book Online
09. KB Resort Koh Chang Book Online 08. Iyara Resort & Spa Koh Chang Book Online 09. Top Resort Koh Chang Book Online
10. Nang Nuan Resort Koh Chang 09. Magic Resort Koh Chang Book Online 10. KC Grande Resort Koh Chang Book Online
11. Kai Bae Garden Resort Koh Chang 10. Klong Phrao Resort Koh Chang Book Online 11. Cookies Hotel Koh Chang Book Online
12. Kai Bae Hut Resort Koh Chang Book Online 11. Balari Beach Resort Koh Chang Book Online 12. Banthai Resort Koh Chang Book Online
13. Kai Bae Beach Resort Koh Chang Book Online 12. Koh Chang Resort & Spa Book Online 13. Plaloma Cliff Resort Koh Chang Book Online
14. Mai Pen Rai Koh Chang Book Online 13. Krong Tara Bungalows Koh Chang 14. The Isleep Resort Koh Chang
15. Laluna Guesthouse Koh Chang 14. VJ Koh Chang Hotel & Health Spa Book Online 15. Saikhao Inn Koh Chang
16. Porn’s Bungalows Koh Chang 15. Koh Chang Chaichet Resort Book Online 16. Koh Chang Budget Room
17. Mam Kai Bae Resort Koh Chang Book Online 16. Kerdmanee Resort Koh Chang 17. Koh Chang Lagoon Resort Book Online
18. Casa Marina Koh Chang 17. Remark Cottage Resort Koh Chang Book Online 18. Pattama’s Resort Koh Chang
19. Garden Resort Koh Chang Book Online 19. Baan Rim Nam Koh Chang 19. Keeree Ele’ Hotel Koh Chang Book Online
20. La Villa Koh Chang 20. The Dewa Koh Chang Resort Book Online 20. White Sand Beach Koh Chang Book Online
21. Baan Bo Koh Chang 21. Koh Chang Tropicana Resort Book Online 21. Grand View Group Koh Chang
22. Siam Cottage Koh Chang 22. 3 Seasons Bungalows Koh Chang Book Online 22. Giant Bungalows Koh Chang
23. Mandalay Lodge Hotel Koh Chang 23. Chokdee Resort Koh Chang Book Online 23. Haad Ngern Resort Koh Chang
24. Paradise Bungalows Koh Chang Book Online 24. Boutique Resort Koh Chang Book Online 24. Chang Cliff Resort Koh Chang Book Online
25. The Stage Koh Chang Book Online 25. Baan Lanthai Resort Koh Chang 25. Torh Palace Resort Koh Chang Book Online
 Bailan Beach & Bay 26. Blue Lagoon Bungalows Koh Chang 26. Sea Sun Bungalows Koh Chang
01. Dusit Royal Resort Koh Chang Book Online 27. KP Bungalows Koh Chang 27. Island Lodge Koh Chang
02. New Whitehouse Koh Chang Book Online 28. Tiger Hut Koh Chang Book Online 28. Phupha Resort Koh Chang Book Online
03. Green Cottage Resort Koh Chang Book Online 29. Talay Bungalows Koh Chang 29. Sabay Bar Koh Chang
04. Orchid Resort Koh Chang Book Online 30. Sofia Garden Resort Koh Chang 30. Bamboo Bungalows Koh Chang
05. Bailan Beach Resort Koh Chang Book Online 31. Saigars Koh Chang Bungalows 31. Logan’s Place Koh Chang
06. Bailan Bay Resort Koh Chang Book Online 32. Koh Chang Luxury Guest House 32. Rock Sand Resort Koh Chang
07. The Mangrove Resort Koh Chang 33. Keereeta Lagoon Koh Chang Book Online 33. Paradise Palms Koh Chang
08. Bailan Family Koh Chang 34. The Royal Coconut Beach Resort 34. Sirin Guesthouse Koh Chang
09. Gecko Garden Koh Chang 35. Ramayana Koh Chang Resort Book Online 35. Baan San Sabay Koh Chang Book Online
10. Bailan Hut Koh Chang Book Online 36. Koh Chang Paradise Resort Book Online 36. Anuchaba Resort Koh Chang
11. Jungle Hut Resort Koh Chang 37. Amari Emerald Cove Koh Chang Book Online 37. Apple Bungalows Koh Chang
12. Wanalee Resort Koh Chang Book Online  Ao Salakphet Bay 38. Star Beach Koh Chang
13. Jungle Garden Resort Koh Chang 01. Koh Chang Marina Resort 39. 15 Palms Beach Koh Chang
14. Baansanook Bungalow Koh Chang 02. Island View Resort Koh Chang 40. Para Resort Koh Chang Book Online
15. Joy Cottage Bar & Restaurant 03. Regent’s Resort Koh Chang 41. Arunee Resort Koh Chang
16. Vanalee Resort Koh Chang Book Online 04. Eco Resort Koh Chang 42. May La Mean Koh Chang
17. Happy Turtle Bungalows 05. My House Stay Koh Chang 43. Chang Bar Koh Chang
18. Kwaimaipar Orchid Resort Book Online 06. Witheethai Stay Koh Chang 44. Baan Nu Na Koh Chang
19. Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway Book Online 07. Baan Lookchang Resort Koh Chang 45. Sairung Bungalows Koh Chang
 Klong Son Bay 08. Mam Baan Chaitalay Koh Chang 46. Yakah Bungalows Koh Chang
01. Koh Chang Grand Orchid Resort Book Online 09. Koh Chang Salakphet Resort Book Online 47. Independent Bo Koh Chang
02. Koh Chang Riverside Resort Book Online 10. Natural Homestay Koh Chang 48. The Fisherman Hill Koh Chang
03. Premvadee Resort Koh Chang 11. Porn Pol Homestay Koh Chang 49. Sang Arun Bungalows Koh Chang
04. Jungle Way Koh Chang 12. Salakphet Guesthouse Koh Chang 50. Banana Koh Chang
05. Thamma Sukjai Resort Koh Chang 13. Sang Arun Guesthouse Koh Chang 51. Jinda Resort Koh Chang Book Online
06. Aiyapura Resort & Spa Koh Chang Book Online 14. Takkatan Homestay Koh Chang 52. Koh Chang Ploy Talay Book Online
07. Baan Mayuree Resort Koh Chang Book Online 15. Wajee Homestay Koh Chang 53. Baan Pu Resort Koh Chang Book Online
08. Image Home Koh Chang 16. Lung Top Homestay Koh Chang 54. Tranquility Residence Koh Chang
09. Five Star Resort Koh Chang 17. Sawang Homestay Koh Chang 55. Keereeta Resort Koh Chang Book Online
10. Banphu Resort Koh Chang Book Online 18. Chiva House & Chiva Kacha 56. Aunluk Koh Chang Resort
 Khai Mook Beach 19. Naphalai Homestay Koh Chang 57. Tantawan Bungalows Koh Chang
01. Koh Chang Privilege Resort Book Online 20. Pahtaew Homestay Koh Chang 58. SSP Bungalows Koh Chang
02. Penny’s Bungalows Koh Chang Book Online 21. Sommai Salakphet Homestay 59. Pump’s House Koh Chang
03. Koh Chang Resortel Book Online 22. Jane-anan Homestay Koh Chang 60. First Beach Resort Koh Chang Book Online
04. Jane Chalet Resort Koh Chang 23. Sombat Khongple Homestay 61. Baan Saikao Plaza Hotel Book Online
05. Siam Bay Resort Koh Chang Book Online  Ao Bangbao Beach  Baan Jekbae
06. Saffron On The Sea Koh Chang 01. Nisa Cabana Koh Chang Resort Book Online 01. Judo Resort Koh Chang
07. Northern Light Koh Chang 02. Buddha View Resort Koh Chang 02. Baanmae Resort Koh Chang
08. Enjoy Resort Koh Chang 03. Koh Chang Hill Resort 03. Koh Chang Karang Resort
09. Buddy House Koh Chang 04. Bang Bao Fishing Village Koh Chang 04. Suan Ngachang Koh Chang
10. Peace Hut Koh Chang 05. Ocean Blue Koh Chang 05. Rommai Chailay Koh Chang
11. Island Koh Chang Villas 06. Bang Bao Cliff Hill Koh Chang 06. Klong Good Resort Koh Chang
12. Baan Ton Rak Resort Book Online 07. Homestay Bungalows Koh Chang 07. Long Beach Bungalows Koh Chang
 Dankao – Danmai – 08. Nirvana Koh Chang Resort Book Online  Lonely Beach
 Klongnonsri – Saidaeng 09. Bang Bao Sea Hut Koh Chang Book Online 01. Pool Villas Koh Chang
01. Amber Sand Beach Koh Chang 10. Remark Puzi Hut Koh Chang Book Online 02. Siam Beach Resort Koh Chang Book Online
02. The Souk Bungalows Koh Chang 11. Hippy Hut Koh Chang 03. Bhumiyama Koh Chang Resort Book Online
03. Funky Hut Family Koh Chang 12. Bang Bao Blue Wave Koh Chang 04. Kachapura Resort & Spa Koh Chang
05. Chanarkarn Resort Koh Chang 13. Paradise Bang Bao Koh Chang 05. P & Nico Budget Koh Chang
06. Lung Chalerm Koh Chang 14. Bang Bao Cliff Cottage Koh Chang 06. The Sunflower Koh Chang
07. Graceville Resort Koh Chang 15. Koh Chang Sea Hut Resort Book Online 07. Nature Beach Resort Koh Chang
09. Baanmai Rimfangnaam Koh Chang 16. Why Not Guesthouse Koh Chang 08. Magic Garden Resort Koh Chang
10. Suansamchan Resort Koh Chang Book Online 17. The Blue Cafe’ Koh Chang 09. Oasis Bungalows Koh Chang
 Koh Laoyah Island 18. Khao Nok Homestay Koh Chang 10. Paradise Cottage Koh Chang Book Online
01. Laoya Paradise Island Resort 19. Elephant Garden Resort Koh Chang 11. Sunset Hut Koh Chang
02. Koh Laoyah Resort 20. D Jambe House Koh Chang 12. Lemon Resort Koh Chang
 Other 21. Cliff Cottage Koh Chang 13. Siam Hut Bungalows Koh Chang
01. Koh Chang Tara Resort 22. Chivapuri Beach Resort Koh Chang Book Online 14. Tree House Lodge Koh Chang
02. Kooncharaburi Resort Koh Chang Book Online 23. Baan Preeda Bungalows Koh Chang  Koh Wai Island
03. Chao Koh Homestay Koh Chang 24. Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort Book Online 01. Koh Wai Pakarang Resort Book Online
04. Tropical Beach Resort Koh Chang 25. Aunchaleena Beachfront Resort Book Online 02. Koh Wai (Island) Beach Resort
05. The Spa Koh Chang Resort Book Online 26. Resolution Resort Koh Chang Book Online 03. Koh Wai Paradise Resort
 Ao Subparod Bay 04. Grand Ma Hut Resort Koh Wai
01. Baan Fah Sai Koh Chang Book Online
02. Baan Rak Bungalow Koh Chang Book Online